Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: It’s All About Family

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about our suggestions for what your book clubs should read if they like a certain type of books. I love series, so I started out thinking about doing that, but it was too broad of a topic. So, I looked deeper, and I found one of my favorite types of series—the kind that follow one family/set of siblings—and decided that I had some wonderful suggestions. Therefore, if your book club, or just you, love reading series that are all about one family, here are some books for you!

Chapel Springs

The Chapel Springs series follows the four McKinley siblings—Madison, Jade, PJ, and Ryan—as they travel through some serious events that take place in their lives. Barefoot Summer shows Madison’s pain as she continues to struggle through her twin brother’s drowning, while Dancing with Fireflies depicts Jade’s unexpected journey into single motherhood. The Wishing Season is a bit less dramatic and show’s PJ’s adventure into trying to win her own restaurant, and Married ‘til Monday depicts Ryan’s attempts to win back his ex-wife. This series is absolutely fantastic; but then, so is everything Denise Hunter writes, and the McKinleys will capture your heart from day one.

The Charmed Amish Life

The Charmed Amish Life series—A Son’s Vow, A Daughter’s Dream, A Sister’s Wish, and An Amish Family Christmas—is another wonderful series that focuses on one family, although if I remember correctly we don’t actually go through all of the siblings. Featuring Lukas, Rebecca, Amelia, and Levi Kinsinger, these four books are wonderful stories, although I must confess I haven’t actually read the last two. But I know they will both be good, especially since I’m particularly fond of the story between Amelia and Simon, and Shelley Shepard Gray is a really talented author.

Christiansen Family

The Christiansen Family series is by far one of my favorites of all time, and I just love each and every one of the siblings. Derek, Ivy, Grace, Casper, Amelia, and Owen all have fantastic stories that I absolutely loved getting to read—Owen’s especially—and I can tell you they are all definitely extremely enjoyable!!! Susan May Warren always does a wonderful job, and this series is no exception. Take a Chance on Me, It Had to Be You, When I Fall in Love, Always on My Mind, The Wonder of You, and You’re the One That I Want are all on my all-time favorites list, and they would make for a great set of novels to read in your book club!

The Gregory Sisters

Lorna Seilstad has created a wonderful series featuring the sweetest trio of sisters you will ever meet, and even though I haven’t been able to read the final installment, I didn’t hesitate at all in adding this series to my list. When Love Calls, While Love Stirs, and As Love Blooms—focusing on Hannah, Charlotte, and Tessa, respectively—are three books that each feature an element of mystery, helping to make this a good series to read in your book club.

Hawthorne House
Okay, so I know that this series isn’t even finished—I don’t have a cover or even a title for the fourth book that will feature the final sibling—and I haven’t yet read the third installment because it doesn’t come out until next year, but I have loved the first two novels and the entire family enough that I can’t imagine not adding this series to this list. A Noble Masqurade, An Elegant Façade, and An Uncommon Courtship are the first three books that Kristi Ann Hunter has published, but they show that she has the potential to be one of the best historical authors I have ever read. The three siblings who have been featured: Miranda, Georgina, and Trent are al wonderful characters, and I have loved getting to know their stories! I think your book club will too!

Noble Legacy

The Noble Legacy is another series that I haven’t actually finished; in fact, I’ve only read one out of three books, but I still think it is a good series to add to this list. Nick, Rafe, and Stefanie are a wonderful bunch of siblings, and they go through so many adventures in their three novels, so you are sure to be entertained as you read these books. Reclaiming Nick, Taming Rafe, and Finding Stefanie are more of Susan May Warren’s fantastic work, and they are the perfect books for your book club!

Porter Family

Becky Wade is one of my new all-time favorite authors, and it is because of this series right here. I fell in love with the Porter family from day one, and I just couldn’t get enough of these four books. Undeniably Yours, Meant to Be Mine, and A Love Like Ours depict all three of the brothers—Bo, Ty, and Jake—in the most perfect way, and Her One and Only tells us all about their spitfire of a baby sister. This series would be a wonderful one to introduce to your book club, and I know it’s made me super excited for the series Becky has coming next!

Summer Harbor

Summer Harbor is another one of Denise Hunter’s wonderful, family-following series, and actually focuses on the cousins of Ryan’s ex-wife from the Chapel Springs series. Beau, Zac, and Riley Callahan are three of the most perfect brothers, and I absolutely loved getting to follow their stories! Falling Like Snowflakes, The Goodbye Bride, and Just a Kiss are three of my favorite books Denise has ever written, and they would be the perfect addition to your book club!

Walker Family

The Walker Family series is another one I haven’t finished, but that is just because the fourth and final book hasn’t even been announced yet, much less released. Other than that, though, I have read all of the others, and have become a huge fan of Melissa Tagg’s. The Walkers—Kate, Logan, Beckett, and Raegan—are four of the most perfect siblings of all time, and I fell in love with each of them the moment we were introduced. From the Start, Like Never Before, and Keep Holding On are three FANTASTIC books, and I can’t wait to finally read Raegan’s. This would be the perfect series for your book club.

Waves of Freedom

Waves of Freedom is the last series I haven’t finished, but that is also because the final installment doesn’t come out until next year. However, since I’m a big fan of Sarah Sundin’s, I’m sure Through Waters Deep, Anchor in the Storm, and When Tides Turn are all wonderful novels. Even though all of the Archer siblings aren’t featured, Jim, Lillian, and Dan do make for fantastic heroes/heroines, so I can promise this is still a great series!

Those are the top ten series your book club should read if they like series that follow one family/set of siblings! What about you? What are some of your favorite series?
Happy Tuesday and happy reading!

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