Friday, August 19, 2016

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

Maple Valley became Amelia Bentley’s haven after her heart and her dreams of a family were shattered. But when the newspaper she runs is in danger of closing, she pins all her hopes on a story that just might convince the new owner to keep the paper running.
After his biggest campaign success yet, widowed speechwriter Logan Walker has the chance of a lifetime: a spot on a presidential campaign. But first he has to return to his hometown to sell the newspaper he’s suddenly inherited.
But instead of a quick sale, Logan finds himself helping Amelia chase her story. She’s scrappy, but wounded. He’s dependable, but lost. And working together to breath the story on Maple Valley’s unsolved mystery is just the start of the sparks that fly in the office and in their hearts.

Like Never Before is the second book in Melissa Tagg’s Walker Family series, coming after From the Start. Ever since I first read From the Start back at the beginning of the year, I’ve been a huge fan of Melissa’s, and the Walkers, so I’ve been anticipating reading this book for quite some time. When I was finally able to work it into my blog schedule, I was so, SO excited. And Like Never Before did not disappoint. I was taken in at the very beginning of this book, and once I got going, I couldn’t set it down for the life of me. I finished it in pretty much one sitting. I’m totally serious. It’s that good.
Amelia Bentley is completely adorable. Even though she’s been through so much pain in her life, she is so cheery and full of life and love for everyone around her, and I couldn’t help loving her from the moment I met her. The more I got to know her story, the more compassion I felt for her, and the more I wanted her future to be brighter. And once I got my first glimpse of her with Logan, I knew there was nothing I wanted more than for the two of them to be together forever.
I fell in love with Logan Walker—and his adorable daughter Charlie—from the very first moment I met them in the first novel. I was super excited to finally read his story, and I loved the two of them more and more as I made my way through this book. Logan had his own fair share of pain in his life, and my heart went out to him time and time again as I became more familiar with his struggles. Plus, I just couldn’t get enough of his adorable relationship with Charlie, so I really just couldn’t help loving them, and being excited for the day when the two of them and Amelia could finally become a family.
All in all, I really, really loved this book, and I can’t wait for the next book—Keep Holding On—which finally releases next month!!! I can’t imagine not giving Like Never Before all five bookshelves, especially since it’s already got a permanent place on my all-time favorites list. I highly recommend this book, and the rest of the series, as they’re absolutely fantastic!
Happy reading!

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All credit for the italicized synopsis goes to Melissa Tagg and Bethany House Publishers.


  1. I've been looking for something new to read! I might check this series out. Thanks for sharing!
    Blessed Messes

    1. You definitely should!!! I'm sure you'd enjoy it!!!