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 Welcome to my blog! I’m Mackenzie Carol, and I’m so very glad that you’re here! Take a seat, sit back awhile, and explore, there is so much to be found here. I’m a little bit all over the place, and have far too many interests to really give enough time to a single one of them, so you never know what you’re going to find here. But, before I completely forget, let me tell you just a little bit about me.
 First and foremost, I am a daughter of God, and He is the inspiration for the name of this entire blog. He is my Savior, my Father, and my Friend, and everything I do is about Him. Or at least, it should be. So that’s why I called my blog “Spreading His Grace,” I want everything I say and do here to be sharing His grace, and His mercy and love, with the world. So I will often share about Him, and what He’s doing and speaking into my life. I just can’t help it, He is always with me, often speaking to me, and I have found recently that I love writing about what He says.
 Second, I am by far one of the most avid readers you will ever meet. Okay, so maybe not quite, but I still really do love to read. It is rare that you will find me without something I am in the middle of reading, and even if I haven’t started anything yet, my To Be Read list is a million miles long, so it won’t take me much time to start something new. Besides that, I already have a bit of my own library started in my room, so there’s always a large number of books at my fingertips. You can find all kinds of reviews of books I’ve been reading here on my blog, and I even share posts about new books that are coming out soon, and lists about books. Needless to say, books are often a topic of conversation here.
 Third, I’m a writer. Well, technically, I haven’t really published anything other than what’s here on the blog, but I guess I didn’t say I was an author, so that doesn’t really matter. If you write anything, you’re a writer. And I definitely write. I used to write books a lot in my spare time—though I’ve never finished any of them—but for the most part I devote my writing skills to this blog. One day, however, I will get back to writing stories once again, and one day I will publish them, and I promise my faithful readers on this blog will be the first to know.
 Lastly, I’m a bit of an entrepreneur. Now, I haven’t started my own business yet, per se, I am constantly dreaming about it. And I have been starting my own book box, but you can read all about that on my Recommended Reads page. You should subscribe, it’s my baby right now and I’ve been working really hard on it. However, I’m not going to stop there. One day, when I’m not knee deep in student loans and can afford things again (can I get an amen?!) I want to open my own bookstore. A cute little one, with an antique look, and an adorable coffee shop in the corner that sells the most delicious baked goods, and plenty of tea (my preference over coffee). And it will have events all the time, with book readings and signings and author visits, and open mic nights and new music nights, and maybe even art shows, and lots of places for students to come and study and hangout. But those are just my ideas right now. One day I’ll get to plan it all out for real.
 Well, that should give you just a little bit of a taste about who I am and what you can find on this blog! I hope you stick around!

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