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Hi! Welcome to my blog! As a southern girl who has loved to read for as long as I can remember, I was almost destined to write. And as a girl who is madly in love with Jesus, I can't imagine myself writing anything that isn't at least a little bit about him. So, writing Christian fiction has become my passion and something I want to do for a long time. This blog will be all about my writing adventures, along with some of my other adventures as well, like reviews about some books I couldn't put down, posts about my Christian walk, and any other thing that sparks my imagination. I hope you enjoy!

*Also, I've updated my rating scale for the books I review, so I thought I would share the changes here. As of May 5th, 2016, my scale is: 1 bookshelf- I absolutely couldn't even finish the book, would never, ever attempt to read it again, and definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone; 2 bookshelves- I skimmed a good portion of it, if not all but the beginning, and there were too many issues for me to even like it, but I still didn't hate it enough to give it only 1; 3 bookshelves- I skimmed some, didn't love the book, but still see its potential to be a book others might enjoy; 4 bookshelves- I enjoyed the book but just didn't fall in love with it, and I would still read it again or recommend it; 5 bookshelves- I loved it, end of story; 5 bookshelves + a place on my all-time favorites list- I loved it so much I would read it again and again and can't stop thinking about it and it is one of my favorite books.

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