Monday, August 15, 2016

A Getaway + A Linkup

Today I just want to talk a little bit about this past weekend and all that it meant for me before we dive into the linkup. The past couple of days I was on a short little vacation in Plum Branch, South Carolina, at the Hamilton Branch state park that sits there on a peninsula in the Strom Thurmond Lake. It is so secluded there, and so far outside civilization that I couldn’t even tell you where the closest grocery store is, but that made it the perfect getaway for me and my family. As the summer comes to a close and everyone begins gearing up for the next school year, I found myself desperately in need of a getaway to clear my mind and help me to remember that school is only so stressful as I make it and that “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” (Phil. 4:13).

It was so nice for me to have the chance to just slow down, set aside all responsibilities and distractions, and just focus on time with God, time with my family, and time to do the things I love. As soon as I left my house, I dropped all thoughts of school and work and everything in between and just let myself breathe. This weekend I did nothing more than read, play games with my family, chill, and watch the Olympics, and it was so nice to allow myself that time to recharge.
The main thing that I took away from this weekend, however, is while it was nice to have a getaway, I can’t always just drop everything and take a weekend trip whenever I’m feeling super busy or stressed. However, if I can just set aside a little time, even if it’s only an hour a week, to just set down all of my responsibilities and take some time for me and spend some extra time with God, I will be able to recharge a lot more often. While vacations are wonderful things, sometimes life crowds in and you need a “vacation” a lot more often than you can actually travel, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without the re-charge you need. All it takes is setting down all of your distractions—that homework, your laptop, and yes, even your cell phone—and taking some time to do something you love, with the people you love sitting all around you.

And now on to the linkup!


First, I’m featuring Ashley from the Peaceful Simple Life blog, and her post about a ton of great tips for having a successful garage sale.

Second, I’m featuring Megan from the No Small Life blog, and her post about the fantastic office renovation she and her husband did.


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  1. That sounds like such a nice, relaxing getaway! Sometimes that time to recharge is just what you need. I love what you said about giving yourself little "getaways" even when life is busy--that's something I try to do as well but sometimes forget to prioritize.
    Shea |

    1. It really was! Thanks!! I forget to prioritize waaaay more often than I should, and that's why this was such an important takeaway for me!

  2. Great tips to slow down and take an hour or even a half day to be with God or to recharge. Sounds like an amazing trip and I am glad you got some time with God and family.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo

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