Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: All About the Villains

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about villains! Any way you want to approach it, the topic of the day is about the evil men and women who have filled some of our favorite books. For me, I just picked a few bad guys, and girls, from some books I’ve read in the past year. These are some pretty bad men and women, but I hope reading this doesn’t spoil any of the books for you! I was tempted to not even write any of the names in this post, but then I felt like it wouldn’t be totally accurate, so read at your own risk!

Angus Johnson

Angus Johnson is the villain in Karen Witemeyer’s most recent novel No Other Will Do, and is a bad, bad man! I know, I sound like a silly little child when I say that, but he really is! He doesn’t care about the well-being of either his wife or his son, all he cares about is the thing he is terrorizing the women of Harper’s Station to get, and that is just a sad way to live.

Lord Rushworth

Lord Rushworth is the villain in the third book in Roseanna M. White’s Ladies of the Manor series, A Lady Unrivaled, and is so terrible it’s creepy! He doesn’t care about the welfare of any of his family members, really anyone but himself, and that is so scary to comprehend. All he cares about is creating a different life for himself, and that dominates everything that he does. The worst part of all is, if his father could have treated him just a little bit differently, he might have been a totally different man.

Steven Slike

Steven Slike, also known as Sir Steven Likebridge, is the very mistaken villain of Janine Mendenhall’s novel Starving Hearts. He is definitely a very scary villain, but I will say he is more misguided, and maybe has a bit of a mental issue, rather than totally creepy. However, he is villainous enough to make for a really fantastic story.

Kyle Winter

Kyle Winter is the villain of Shelley Shepard Gray’s The Loyal Heart, and is definitely a villainous character! I’m not even sure I could really understand why he was doing the things he did, all I know is that he was not the type of man I would want to be around!

The Duke of Geitbart

The Duke of Geitbart is the villain in Melanie Dickerson’s The Beautiful Pretender, and I honestly couldn’t stand this man, even though he didn’t really do much of the dirty work himself. He just used all his men to do it for him, and that made him even worse of a villain.

Daniel Crawford & Dennis Wright

Daniel Crawford and Dennis Wright were the two villains that wrecked Becky Wade’s latest, Her One and Only. The craziest part is that they didn’t have any connection at all, but were just both creepy guys who were out for the same man! Let me just say, it packed so much action in this novel!

Emma Marshall

Emma Marshall is the villain in Laura McNeill’s Sister Dear, and is a very demented woman. I cannot believe all of the crimes she commits throughout the course of this book, and I know that “demented” is most definitely the word I would use to describe her. I think she’s the craziest villain on this list!

Agnes Pierpont

Agnes Pierpont is the villain in Not by Sight by Kate Breslin, and is someone I never would have thought would have been the villain in this story! However, I definitely could believe it once the story got going, because she is not someone I would want for a best friend!

Marguerite and Gregory Montgomery

Marguerite and Gregory Montgomery are the villains of Kristi Ann Hunter’s A Noble Masquerade, and are also some pretty messed up villains! Even though they are the family of the man they are targeting, all they care about is his money and title, and that is extremely demented.

Frank Comer

Frank Comer is the villain in Deeanne Gist’s Love on the Line, and was definitely a surprise to me! I knew it was him from early on, but I didn’t know all of the facts behind him and why he was such a terrible person! I really got a surprise, that’s for sure, but I am confident I knew he was a terrible person right from the start!
Happy Tuesday and happy reading!

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