Monday, October 3, 2016

September Numbers & October Goals + A Linkup

Happy October! I can’t believe September is already over, but I’m almost glad it is because October means fall and more football and birthdays and fall break and getting that much closer to two of my favorite holidays. As I stated last month in my August Numbers and September Goals post, this is a new thing I’m starting to write about every month, and I got my inspiration from Becky @ byBMG. I just thought it was such a cute idea, so I’ve used that inspiration to make an idea of my own! So, here’s what I’ve been up to this past month and what I hope to do in the month to come!

9 Books Read
I’ve read nine books over the past month, which is one less than last month, but meets my goal to read seven, so I’m pretty happy with this number. I’ve read The Wedding Shop, Whispers of the Bayou, A Lady Unrivaled, God Bless Us Every One, Just a Kiss, The Measure of a Lady, A Change of Fortune, Twilight at Blueberry Barrens, and Keep Holding On. I really enjoyed all of them, and was so glad I got to read them this month, but I definitely have a few favorites. I really feel like they might be too many to mention though, I LOVED more of them than I didn’t, which is a good problem to have! I guess you’ll have to read my reviews to find out which ones I loved the most!

5 Books Purchased

I can’t believe I was actually able to purchase this many! Last month I only purchased one, so I made it my goal to buy three, and I didn’t even think I would be able to do that, even though I had already preordered two! However, I was at my library earlier this month, and they have a few little tables set up where they sell used books, so I walked over to take a look and see if there were any I might like. I am so glad I did stop, because I found two books—book one and book three in a series—that go with one book I already have! Plus, the best part of all was that they were only two dollars each! Score! So this month I purchased Blowing on Dandelions, Dreaming on Daisies, Just a Kiss, Twilight on Blueberry Barrens, and Keep Holding On.

1 Nail Design Created

This most definitely didn’t reach my goal, and the worst part of all is that I didn’t even take a picture of it! This month painting my nails has definitely gotten pushed to the back burner; in fact, as I write this my nails desperately need to be painted! So I really didn’t meet my goal from last month to create three designs, but I’m honestly not too disappointed because this wasn’t one of my goals that I was most attached to.

18 Blog Posts Published

Same as last month! I don’t know if I should be sad I didn’t improve any or excited I didn’t write less! Either way, I most definitely met my goal to write at least 4 posts a week, so I’m glad for that. I had some really great Top Ten Tuesday posts the past few weeks, so I would have to say those were probably my favorites of the month.

Now for my goals!

Workout 2 Times a Week

I have been terrible about working out ever since school started! I really want to get back into exercising on a regular basis, so hopefully if I post this on my blog I’ll be more likely to actually do it! I’m not really sure how I’ll fit it in, but I can make it work; at least, I hope I can. I suppose we’ll find out at the end of the month!

Read 7 Books

I know this is less than I’ve read for the last two months, but I just don’t think I will be able to read nearly as many books this month since I’m going to have midterms and fall events and all other things of that sort. Plus, I’ve already finished a few of the books I have scheduled on my blog calendar, so I have less I need to read. But, maybe I’ll be able to read more than I think!

Purchase 4 Books

I honestly think this number is a bit of a stretch, especially considering I haven’t actually preordered any books this time, but I’m hopeful I’ll be able to add this many books to my collection over the next month. I have a couple of books I’m hoping to preorder, plus there’s a book I’ve promised myself I can get for my birthday, so I think I might be able to reach this goal.

Publish 18 Blog Posts

Finally, I hope to publish, well, the same number of posts I’ve written the last two months. I know that isn’t very ambitious of me, but with midterms and all, sometimes my blog falls to the wayside a little bit. I’m hoping, however, that I won’t let that happen this semester, but we’ll see!

That’s what I’ve been up to last month, and hope to do next month!
And now on to the linkup!


First, I’m featuring Casey from Catfish, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish and her post about her first year of marriage.

Second, I’m featuring Nicole from The Diary of Nicole Alicia and her post about her trip to La Push, Washington.


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  1. I'm so bad about painting my nails! I always want to do it, but then I never actually do it. And I really need to be better about exercising as well. I was working out every day for a while, but then I started working more so I just skipped it. We usually go for a walk after dinner, but with it getting darker earlier now, that isn't going to happen much anymore! So I need to start finding time in the morning to do it.
    And thank you so much for the feature! :)

    1. I try not to be, but sometimes I fail miserably! Yeah, I was working out pretty consistently before school started back, and since then I may have exercised one day, as sad as that sounds. Oh you're welcome, I was so glad to feature you!

  2. Wow, 9 books! That is awesome! I NEVER paint my nails, and I wish I took the time to do it--it's just never something I make time for. And I'd also like to be better about prioritizing working out too because I'm really terrible about that.

    1. Aw thanks! It seems like such a small number to me after all I read this summer! I prioritized painting my nails for a while because I wanted to do tutorials, but I just haven't been able to start that up so they've just fallen by the wayside. But working out really should be something I prioritize, haha!

  3. Wow you read alot! I'm impressed. Thanks for the linkup too!

    1. Aw thanks, it's kinda a hobby, haha! You're so welcome, I enjoy hosing it!