Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Authors I Love

        Today’s Top Ten Tuesday focuses on the top ten new to me favorite authors I read for the first time in 2015, and this list was absolutely impossible to narrow down to ten. I tried, but I may have failed just a tiny bit. I found so many new favorite books and authors this year, so I had no choice but to make this list a little lengthy. Here goes…
1. Andrea Boeshaar

        Although I had heard of some of Andrea Boeshaar’s writing before, I only had a vague idea of her novels, and I just never really got around to looking into them further. Then one day, before it came out of course, I found out about her latest release—A Thousand Shall Fall—and it sounded wonderful! I immediately put it on my list to add to one of my monthly must-have releases posts, and hoped I would get a chance to read it soon. Fortunately, the publishing company I review for the most owns the company that published this novel, so I got the chance to review it for them. And I forever fell in love with Andrea’s writing. I’m already dying to read the next book in the series, and it doesn’t come out until next fall.
2. Carrie Turansky

        When I first heard of Carrie Turansky’s Edwardian Brides series, I knew it would be something I would enjoy, so I tucked it away for later reference. Then I got the chance to read the first too books, The Governess of Highland Hall and The Daughter of Highland Hall, over the summer, and I loved them! Unfortunately I have yet to have the chance to read the final book of the series, but I’m hoping I will be able to soon, because Carrie sure does know how to write!
3. Cynthia Ruchti

        Up until a couple of months ago, I had never even really heard of Cynthia Ruchti, but I was given the opportunity to review her latest release, An Endless Christmas, and it sounded like such a wonderful novella, so I thought I would give her writing a try. And I wasn’t disappointed. Cynthia weaved such a wonderful tale that really touched my heart, and I know she, and that novella, will be on my favorites list from now on.
4. Delia Parr

        Delia Parr was another author I had yet to really hear about, but I happened upon a few reviews of one of her latest releases (though it came out early this past spring), and it really sounded like something I would enjoy. So just recently I picked up The Midwife’s Tale, and I completely fell in love with Martha’s story and Delia’s writing. I know I’m on pins and needles waiting until I get the chance to read her next novel!
5. Denise Hunter

        Just this past spring, I picked up one of Denise Hunter’s books for the first time, and was forever a huge fan of her reading from that point forward. Over the past year, I have read many of her novels: Barefoot Summer, Dancing with Fireflies (one of my favorite books ever), The Wishing Season, Married ‘til Monday, Sweetwater Gap, and Falling Like Snowflakes, and I have loved each one of them. I am so glad I stumbled upon her books and I cannot wait to read more!
6. Jody Hedlund

        Jody Hedlund had been on my to-read list for quite some time, but this year was the first time I ever actually picked up one of her novels. Early this past spring, I read Love Unexpected, and I was really amazed at how wonderful of a writer she is! I enjoyed that novel very much, and even just finished the second book in the series yesterday. So look for a rave review of Hearts Made Whole coming soon.
7. Kate Breslin

        Kate Breslin actually was a debut novelist just last year, so it makes sense that I hadn’t really heard much about her until this spring. As I was looking for new releases one day, I stumbled upon Not by Sight, and thought it sounded like something I would enjoy, so I tucked it away for one of my monthly must-haves posts. Then I thought I’d get a taste of her writing, so I picked up For Such aTime. And I added Kate to my favorites list before I was even halfway through with it. For Such a Time was that good. Then I read Not by Sight, and the rest is history.
8. Kristi Ann Hunter

        Kristi Ann Hunter is actually one of this year’s debut novelists, and let me tell you, her novel did not disappoint. I actually can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon it, but I found her free e-novella that is a prequel to her debut series, and I downloaded it because it sounded interesting. Then one day I was sitting in a salon waiting to get my hair cut so I opened it on my e-reader, and I immediately fell in love with Kristi Ann’s writing. A Lady of Esteem was such a sweet novella that I hated to see come to an end. So I read A Noble Masquerade, her debut novel. And now I can’t imagine not looking forward to one of her novels.
9. Lorna Seilstad

        Though I had stumbled upon Lorna Seilstad’s writing once or twice, it took me until this spring to find the time to finally pick up one of her novels. I read When Love Calls and While Love Stirs, and absolutely loved both of them. She is now one of my favorite authors, and I cannot wait to read more of her work.
10. Melissa Jagears

        Melissa Jagears is another recent debut author I have added to my favorites list over the past few months. I read both the first two books in her debut series, A Bride for Keeps and A Bride in Store, and really enjoyed both of them. They quickly became some of my favorite novels, and I can’t wait to read more by her in the future.
11. Regina Jennings

        Regina Jennings was an almost completely new to me author this year; I'm not entirely sure when I first heard of her, but I picked up one of her novels for the first time this year. I read A Most Inconvenient Marriage and absolutely LOVED it, so I knew I had to add her to my list of favorite authors.

        Those are my top ten (or eleven) new to me favorite authors! What about you? Who are some of your new favorite authors?
        Happy reading!

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  1. oh my goodness - I LOVE all of your picks! Great list! :) My TTT

    1. Thanks so much! They all are really great authors, aren't they.

  2. Delia Parr is the only familiar author on your list. I enjoyed reading one of her books. I can't wait to discover these new author's!

    Literacy Musing Mondays will go live later this evening. I'm looking forward to your next list of top ten.

    1. I enjoyed her book as well, obviously! ;) Thanks for visiting! I'm looking forward to linking up!