Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Can’t Wait for You to Release!!!

        Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about the ten releases for the first half of this New Year that I am looking forward to the most. Fortunately, this year there are TONS of great books that are going to release, so it wasn’t difficult to find ten novels I cannot wait for. The only problem, however, was actually narrowing it down to ten. So, I didn’t. This list is twelve instead of ten, and that was difficult in and of itself, even though I only allowed myself to add one book from each author. So, here are all the amazing books I cannot wait for!

Calico Spy by Margaret Brownley

        I am so, so excited for this book, that releases on the first day of January!!! I already added this to my January must-haves post; here’s what I said about it:

        Calico Spy is the third book in Margaret Brownley’s Undercover Ladies series, coming after Petticoat Detective and Undercover Bride. While I didn’t have the chance to read Undercover Bride, I did read Petticoat Detective, and I absolutely loved it. Margaret does a wonderful job of weaving together mystery and romance in a way that is intriguing and unforgettable, and this novel sounds like it would be no exception. I cannot wait to hopefully have the chance to get lost between the pages of such a captivating-sounding mystery!

Undaunted Hope by Jody Hedlund

        This is one of the books I am looking forward to the most!!! I absolutely cannot wait for its release on January fifth! I already added this one to my must-haves post as well; here’s how excited I am for it:

        Undaunted Hope is the third book in Jody Hedlund’s Beacons of Hope series, coming after Love Unexpected and Hearts Made Whole. I absolutely loved both of the previous novels in the series, so I just know that I will really enjoy the final installment as well. It sounds as if it will be the perfect conclusion to the story, and I’m so excited to see what happens to Tessa, who I met earlier in Hearts Made Whole.

A Worthy Heart by Susan Anne Mason

        Here’s another novel I recently added to my January must-haves post. I am eagerly looking forward to its January fifth release; here’s what I said about it:

        A Worthy Heart is the second book in Susan Anne Mason’s Courage to Dream series, coming after Irish Meadows. I really, really enjoyed Irish Meadows, and I absolutely cannot wait to get to read Adam’s story. He seemed like such a tough, bad-boy-type guy when I met him in the first novel, and I am excited to see how he really is, and how he redeems himself throughout the story. Bad guys who redeem themselves are literally the best, so I am super pumped to watch Adam go through that process.

Mermaid Moon by Colleen Coble

        Mermaid Moon is the fourth and final release from my January must-haves post that made it onto this list, and is possibly the one I am looking forward to the most, in January that is. It releases on the twelfth, and here’s what I said about it earlier:

        Mermaid Moon is the second book in Colleen Coble’s Sunset Cove series, coming after The Inn at Ocean’s Edge. I really LOVED every single second of The Inn at Ocean’s Edge, so I cannot WAIT to open up Mermaid Moon. Fortunately, I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to be an influencer for it, so I already have my copy that I will start just as soon as I get the chance. Look out for my review, because it’s coming soon and it’s going to be full of reasons why Colleen is an amazing author.

You’re the One That I Want by Susan May Warren

        I absolutely CANNOT wait for this novel! By far, this is the 2016 release I am looking forward to the most. You’re the One That I Want is the sixth book in Susan May Warren’s Christiansen Family series, coming after Take a Chance on Me, It Had to Be You, When I Fall in Love, Always on My Mind, and The Wonder of You. I LOVED the first four novels, am dying to read the fifth, and cannot wait for this one. Susan May Warren is an AMAZING author who does a wonderful job with each one of her books, so I just know this novel will be all that I am hoping it will be. I cannot wait for February first when it releases!!!

A Spy’s Devotion by Melanie Dickerson
        I absolutely LOVE Melanie Dickerson’s novels. I have read quite a few of her fairy tale retellings—The Golden Braid being the latest—and every single one has made it onto my all-time favorites list. I am excited to share that A Spy’s Devotion, which releases on the ninth of February, will be the first book in her new series called The Regency Spies of London. I am so excited that she is starting a whole new series, and I cannot wait to dive into this book once it releases!

Room for Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer
        I absolutely love everything by Kim Vogel Sawyer. So when I heard she had Room for Hope in the works, I added it to my to-read list, even though there wasn’t even a description to be found so I had no idea what it was about. As I expected, my decision was confirmed once the description was posted, as this novel sounds full of pain, love, and hope (obviously), and like it will definitely touch my heart. Therefore, I cannot wait for its February sixteenth release, and am hoping I will be able to preorder it when the time comes so that I can read it as soon as possible.

Playing the Part by Jen Turano

        Playing the Part is the third book in Jen Turano’s A Class of Their Own series, coming behind After a Fashion and In Good Company, and is another book I am absolutely DYING to read. I read After a Fashion back in the summer, and absolutely LOVED it, and have been ready to read the rest of the series ever since. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to move on to the second book, and clearly this novel hasn’t released so I cannot read it yet, but I cannot wait for the day when I finally can! It comes out on the seventh of March, and I am hoping I will have my own copy by that day or the day after so that I can enjoy it.

The Goodbye Bride by Denise Hunter

        This is another novel that I am looking forward to the most! I am a HUGE fan of Denise Hunter’s, and the description of this book tells me it is going to be a story worth dying for. The Goodbye Bride is the second book in Denise’s Summer Harbor series, coming after Falling Like Snowflakes. I melted my way through that book, and know that I am going to do the same with this one. That’s why I’m already planning on preordering it; because I absolutely cannot WAIT to read it!!! I’m serious, go read Falling Like Snowflakes—and my review of it if you don’t mind—and then read the description of The Goodbye Bride. The description alone will make you melt! Clearly, I am so ready for this novel’s March eighth release!

The Reluctant Duchess by Roseanna M. White

        The Reluctant Duchess is the second book in Roseanna M. White’s Ladies of the Manor series, coming after The Lost Heiress. I absolutely LOVED that novel; in fact, I’m still thinking and dreaming about it and I read it back in September! Roseanna is literally one of my favorite authors of all time, so I am absolutely counting the days until this next novel releases! Unfortunately, it doesn’t come out until the fifth of April, so I’ve got a lot of waiting to do. Thankfully, though, I know that it will be worth it, and I am already dreaming of owning my own copy.

The Midwife’s Dilemma by Delia Parr

        The Midwife’s Dilemma is the third book in Delia Parr’s At Home in Trinity series, coming after The Midwife’s Tale and The Midwife’s Choice. I have only read The Midwife’s Tale, but I absolutely loved it, and I cannot wait for the day when I finally get the chance to read the next two books in the series. Delia is a wonderful author who does an amazing job of weaving together interesting tales that touch your heart, and I cannot wait to dive into her next release when it finally comes out on April the fifth.

No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer

        Let’s just get one thing straight, I am a die-hard Karen Witemeyer fan. I have read six of her seven full length novels--and I just recently purchased the one I haven’t read so that I will hopefully be able to get to it soon—and every single one of those six books has made it onto my all-time favorites list. She is that good. Her most recent release, A Worthy Heart, completely knocked my socks off, and made me that much more excited for the day when she would come out with her next book. No Other Will Do is that book, and it sounds like another that will find a place on my favorites list. I cannot WAIT for June seventh when it finally releases!!!

        So, those are my top ten (or twelve) most anticipated new releases for January-June 2016! What about you? What are some new books you can’t wait to read next year?
        Happy Tuesday and happy reading!

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