Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Favorite Series

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is actually all about ten books that I feel differently about after time has passed, but that topic just didn’t resonate with me, as I usually just think of books the same way as time passes, other than the fact that my love for them grows stronger. So today, I thought I’d write about ten of my all-time favorite series. I’m a huge proponent of series—don’t get me wrong I love stand-alone novels almost as much—because I just really love getting to know a group of characters over the course of that many pages. Some of my favorite books are parts of a series, so I thought it fitting to focus on them today. I’ve only added series that I’ve finished reading, and have loved each book, so that I could narrow it down a little. And if you want to see my full reviews of any of the titles I’ve actually reviewed, just click on the coral-colored titles!

Kathryn Springer’s Banister Falls series

The Banister Falls series features two books I recently read and absolutely loved, the second even better than the first. The Dandelion Field, with its sweet and heartbreaking story of Gin and Dan, made me an all-time fan of Kathryn’s, and The Hearts We Mend—all about Evie and Jack’s wonderful story—reinforced that decision and made me positive that I will be planning to preorder her books from this point forward. This series is one I still can’t stop thinking about and know I will never forget, and I already own half of it so pretty soon I will be able to re-read it absolutely any time I want.

Jenny B. Jones’ The Charmed Life series

The Charmed Life is quite possibly my favorite series of Jenny’s, though I am a huge fan of all of her writing. I’ve read both Save the Date and There You’ll Find Me at least twice, and I’ve read this whole series a couple of times as well. So Not Happening, I’m So Sure, and So Over My Head are all funny, intriguing novels that I absolutely loved both times around, and I’m sure I’ll read again.

Shelley Gray’s Chicago World’s Fair Mystery series

I’ve always been a fan of Shelley’s, as I’ve read quite a few of her Amish novels and have enjoyed them, but this series really put me over the top. I fell in love with Secrets of Sloane House, Deception on Sable Hill, and especially Whispers in the Reading Room, and consequently ended up an even bigger fan of Shelley and her writing. This is one series I still cannot stop thinking about, and I know I’ll be reading again and again.

Susan May Warren’s Christiansen Family series

I am a huge, huge fan of Susan’s, so it is no surprise that the Christiansen Family series made this list. In fact, all of these novels are on my all-time favorites list, especially books three, five, and six. I cannot describe to you how much I loved Take a Chance on Me, It Had to Be You, When I Fall in Love, Always on My Mind, The Wonder of You, and You’re the One That I Want, but I can promise you that I will be reading them again and again for years to come.

Jen Turano’s A Class of Their Own series

I’m a huge fan of Jen’s as well, almost completely because of this series. I’ve read a few of her other books, and really loved them, but it was these three books that made it impossible for me to refrain from adding her to my favorite authors list. After a Fashion, In Good Company, and Playing the Part are three absolutely fabulous books, and I’m so glad that I’m working towards owning all three of them.

Roseanna M. White’s The Culper Ring series

One of my favorite books of all time belongs in Roseanna’s Culper Ring series, so that makes it pretty obvious why I picked this series for my list. Plus, it made me a huge fan of Roseanna’s—clearly—and made me always add her new releases to my books-to-preorder list. Ring of Secrets, Whispers from the Shadows—my favorite!—and Circle of Spies are three absolutely fabulous books, all of which I’ve read at least two times and know I’ll read again. I love having this series on my bookshelf, as every time I walk by I am reminded of all the reasons why I love these books. Plus, there are two novellas that go along with the series—Fairchild’s Lady and A Hero’s Promise—that I enjoyed just as much as the actual full-length novels!

Beth White’s Gulf Coast Chronicles series

Beth is fairly new to me, I just read my first book by her a couple of months ago and just finished this series a few weeks ago, but I absolutely loved all three novels and now she is a favorite author of mine. The Pelican Bride, The Creole Princess, and The Magnolia Duchess are three absolutely wonderful novels, and I still cannot get over how stunning their covers are.

Becky Wade’s Porter Family series

Becky is another author I have recently added to my list of favorites, purely because of this series as they are the only books by her I have read to date (she only has one other novel anyway, a stand-alone that is her debut novel). Undeniably Yours, Meant to Be Mine, and A Love Like Ours are all books I absolutely loved every single page of, and I enjoyed the final novel, Her One and Only, as well, though just not quite as much. Either way, I know that I will be reading this series again!

Denise Hildreth Jones’ Savannah series

This series is one that I read quite a while back, but still really enjoyed and am planning to read again someday (hopefully) soon. Savannah from Savannah, Savannah Comes Undone, and Savannah by the Sea are three books that are absolutely hilarious, yet have just the perfect amount of seriousness which makes them perfect books to read. I already own one of them, and hope to own the rest of them soon as that will make it quite a bit easier to read them again!

Colleen Coble’s Under Texas Stars series

This is another series I read quite a while ago, but one I absolutely loved, though I remember liking the first novel just a bit better than the second. Colleen did a wonderful job on both Blue Moon Promise and Safe in His Arms, and I hope I’m able to read both of them again soon as well!

Those are ten of my all-time favorite series! What about you? What are some of your favorite series?
Happy reading and happy Tuesday!

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