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My Bookshelf: Sarah’s Surrender by Vickie McDonough

Sarah’s heart yearns for a forever home…
Luke McNeil’s unexpected marriage proposal leaves Sarah Worley confused. Luke has been a dear friend for the past ten years, but other than a fleeting thought now and then, she’s never considered romantic possibilities with the rugged ranch hand.
But the proposal gives Sarah a new clarity in what she truly desires: a home of her own. She sees the 1901 Oklahoma Territory land lottery as her chance to realize her dreams, but can a young woman make it in the untamed wilderness alone?
Luke is disappointed by Sarah’s rejection, but the charismatic man with the contagious smile only sees this as a bump in the road to winning her heart. Luke follows Sarah to the untamed prairie to be helpful however he can. But Sarah seems frustrated with his actions. Why can’t she see how much he cares for her? Will he have to give up his dream so that Sarah’s can come true?

Sarah’s Surrender is the third book in Vickie McDonough’s Land Rush Dreams series, coming after Gabriel’s Atonement and Joline’s Redemption. I really enjoyed both of the previous novels, so I was pretty excited for this story, especially since I heard it was about Sarah and Luke. I had already fallen in love with both of them when I was first introduced to them in the earlier novels, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were getting their own book. And I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed with this novel! It was just as sweet and captivating as I thought it would be, but I will admit I’m a little upset that I have to leave all my favorite characters behind! For now anyway. That’s the good thing about books. You can always revisit the people and places you love anytime you like by just rereading the book!
Sarah Worley is by far one of my favorite characters from this series. She has been through so much in her short life, and yet she is still optimistic and full of dreams, and I can’t help but admire her. As the story progresses, my admiration only grows, especially through all of the obstacles that get thrown her way near the end. She is definitely a character worth loving, and I’m so glad Vickie decided to write her story.
Luke McNeil is also completely and utterly wonderful. His devotion to Sarah, even when she rejects him, is by far the sweetest thing ever, and I couldn’t help loving him, maybe more than both of the other male leads from the previous two books. His bravery, and compassion, and hard-working spirit are just a few of my favorite things about him, and I am so glad for how things worked out for him in the end.
All in all, I really enjoyed this book, although there’s just a few things about it that I had an issue with. The ending resolution, for me anyway, was just a little too easy when it comes to Sarah and Luke. Now don’t get me wrong, I did love the ending, but I just felt like it was a bit too easy. Along with that, in a few of the scenes the writing style wasn’t entirely to my taste, but that’s probably because I am one of the pickiest people ever when it comes to that sort of thing. Anyway, it didn’t keep me from really enjoying this book, I just feel like it would be fairer for me to give it four bookshelves instead of all five. Anyway, I highly recommend this novel, and the other two books in this series, because they are all fantastic!
Happy reading!

I received a copy of this book through the Barbour Publishing Group in exchange for only my honest review.

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All credit for the italicized synopsis goes to Vickie McDonough and Shiloh Run Press.

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