Monday, October 26, 2015

My Bookshelf: Valley of Decision by Lynne Gentry

Can true love survive the test of time?
Every choice has consequences.
        Thirteen years ago, Dr. Lisbeth Hastings was forced to make an impossible decision. To protect her daughter, Maggie, Lisbeth promised her husband, Cyprian, that she would leave him and the dangers of third-century Carthage behind forever.
        Back in the twenty-first century, Lisbeth throws herself into her work and the task of raising a headstrong daughter. But when Maggie discovers the truth of her father’s fate, she defies her mother’s refusal to allow her to return to Carthage and secretly sets out on a quest to change history.
        Maggie lands in the middle of third-century chaos at her grandmother’s murder trial. Determined to right the injustice, Maggie teams up with her old friend Barek. Their efforts spark a riot that nearly destroys the plagued city and incites the wrath of the new proconsul of Carthage.
        Dr. Lisbeth Hastings is left with no choice. If she is to save those she loves, she must once again return to the time and place that forever changed her life.

        Valley of Decision is the third and final book in Lynne Gentry’s Carthage Chronicles series, and is by far a very satisfying conclusion. I have read the previous two books (Healer of Carthage and Return to Exile), I just haven’t had the chance to write my reviews for them as of yet; hopefully those of you with equally busy schedules will understand my dilemma. Anyway, this book was so great! I loved both of the previous books (like I said I’ll post my reviews later so you can really get a feel for what I thought of them), so I was sure that this concluding novel would be something I would enjoy, although I was afraid of an unexpected twist since there were two super huge ones in Return to Exile.
        I am refraining from saying anything that might spoil this story for anyone, so it is super difficult to accurately describe what I loved about this book, but I will say I really enjoy the time travel aspect of it. Typically I don’t like books that are quite that unrealistic, but I really loved the way that Lynne wrote this novel and how she tied up all the ends and made it as believable as it could be under the circumstances. On top of that, her characters were just so loveable I couldn’t stand it! I had met them in the previous books so I already had a bond with them, and I really loved the chance to read more about them and their stories.
        I happily give this book all five bookshelves, because of how it made me laugh, cry, and become an even bigger fan of Lynne’s writing. I highly recommend it, although I would suggest reading the whole series in order so that you can really grasp the fullness of the story. This is a super sweet and wonderful novel that I am so glad that I picked up and I cannot wait to read it again!
        Happy reading!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

All credit for the italicized synopsis goes to Lynne Gentry and Liftuse Publishing.

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