Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read the Most

        This is my first time linking-up with Top Ten Tuesday, and I’m super excited! This link-up seems like a lot of fun, and I know I will be enjoying it as I continue to link-up over the next few weeks! So, here’s my top ten authors I’ve read the most!

1. Carolyn Keene (???)

        I honestly have no idea how many of her books I have read. I have been a huge fan of mysteries since I was young, so I have read quite a few in my relatively-short lifetime (compared to how many more years of reading I still have left of course). Nancy Drew is a favorite for many girls, especially preteens, so when I was about that age, I started reading her mysteries. There are so many of them out now that I couldn’t possibly keep track, but I am positive I have read at least eighty of them. Honestly, I still enjoy them, and would read them all over again if I had the time. Nancy Drew will forever be a favorite.

2. Beverly Lewis (49)

        I have read all but three of Beverly’s books. Her Amish novels are some of the absolute best, and I never fail to enjoy them. They are always full of just enough secrets and drama to keep you hooked until the last page. Her happy endings are wonderful, too. I think, of all of her series, I love The Rose series the best. They just held so much suspense and relatability that I remember to this day. I really enjoyed Sanctuary as well.

3. Janette Oke (42)

        Another author whose works I have almost finished, Janette Oke is a HUGE favorite of mine. Her Love Comes Softly series is to die for—I have read it more than once and seen most of the movies—and I absolutely loved her Prairie Legacy series, which was a continuation of Love Comes Softly. The Acts of Faith series that she wrote with Davis Bunn is my absolute favorite series about Biblical Times, and I cannot forget how much I loved her Song of Acadia series, even though I read it years ago. Her Canadian West series was just as good, which is why I actually jumped up and down when I first found out about the spinoff Hallmark show, When Calls the Heart (the absolute best show on television). Obviously Janette Oke is one of my favorite authors (he he).

4. Karen Kingsbury (36)

        I absolutely love Karen’s books. They are always so full of drama and relatable life situations that you cannot help but be drawn in, and many times end up crying before the story is over. Every single one of her books that I have read has touched me in some way or another, especially her new Angels Walking series. But my favorite of everything she has ever written is the Bailey Flanigan series. I have already read all four books more than once, and am planning on reading them again in the near future. They are fantastic, and I cannot get enough of them.

5. Robin Jones Gunn (34)

        I have actually read more of Robin’s Young Adult novels than anything else, but that is simply because I first stumbled upon her writing in a YA section…as a young adult. That is how she first became one of my favorite authors. Today, she is one of my favorites because of her Katie Weldon series. Those four books are absolutely wonderful, and still some of the best I have ever read.

6. Nancy Rue (31)

        Another author whose YA books are mostly what I have read…okay, actually everything I have read by her was YA fiction. What can I say, her YA novels are fantastic! Especially the Real Life series. Those four books really touched me when I read them as a young teenager. I still cannot forget them and the impact they made on my life.

7. Kim Vogel Sawyer (18)

        I absolutely love Kim’s writing. Her historicals are to die for, and I really enjoyed the first two books in her Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy, which I just read a few weeks ago. All in all though, I think my favorite out of all of her novels are the My Heart Remembers series—that I have already read twice, they are completely and utterly perfect—and What Once Was Lost. I am still so glad I purchased that novel.

8. Tracie Peterson (13)

        I have been a fan of Tracie Peterson for a while now, although I must say I was disappointed to find one of her latest novels a complete letdown. Nevertheless, her Ladies of Liberty series was amazing, and I loved her Broadmoor Legacy series.

9. Lori Wick (13)

        I first heard of Lori from a friend of mine who lent me some of her books. Okay, okay, so that’s how I read all thirteen novels by her. But I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Bamboo & Lace was my absolute favorite, and I really loved Pretense as well.

10. Wanda E. Brunstetter (12)

        I really love Wanda’s Amish novels. I’ve known of her works for a fairly long time, and have read those twelve books over a fairly spread out period of time, so I really can’t remember as much about them as I would like to. However, I am certain I liked Lydia’s Charm the most. So far anyway (wink wink).

        That’s my top ten most read authors! Happy reading!

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you did the linkup this week :) Janette Oke is on My TTT but otherwise we have completely different lists LOL. I can't believe I forgot about Nancy Drew!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad too!!! :) LOL I read your list, and although it is different from mine, Colleen Coble, Shelley Shepard Gray, Deeanne Gist, and Denise Hunter are some of my favorites as well!

  2. I'd say you have the biggest names in Christian fiction on there! =) Also, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who listed Carolyn Keene, LOL. Nancy Drew rocks!

    I was first introduced to Janette Oke through the Love Comes Softly movies, but “Roses for Mama” was my first Janette Oke book (my local library didn’t have the LCS books, so I read what they had while I waited for inter-library loans). ;-) –While I’m not as huge of a fan of her writing as I was in high school, that book still holds a special place in my heart. Not that she was a bad writer, but I think there are so many amazing authors in Christian fiction today that the quality of writing that's being published now is higher. =)

    Thank you for listing some of your favorite titles as well! I'm ashamed to say I haven't read any of Karen Kingsbury, Lori Wick, or Beverly Lewis' books, so I appreciate your suggestions!

    1. LOL Nancy Drew is the best! Ooh, I loved Roses for Mama as well! I can't believe I forgot about that one!! I have to agree with you, there are just so many great writers out there, and the writing is just getting better and better!

  3. Lori, Tracie, Karen, and Robin hit my list too! I and I grew up reading Nancy Drew.

    1. I did as well, obviously. LOL. I'm glad to know we love some of the same authors!