Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Bookshelf: The Colonel’s Lady by Laura Frantz

        In 1779, genteel Virginia spinster Roxanna Rowan braves the wilds of the frontier to reach a remote Kentucky fort. Eager to reunite with her father, who serves under Colonel Cassius McLinn, Roxanna is devastated to find that her officer father has been killed on a campaign. Penniless and out of options, Roxanna is forced to remain at the fort. As she spends more and more time with the fiery Colonel McLinn, the fort is abuzz with intrigue and innuendo. Can Roxanna truly know who the colonel is—and what he’s done?

        Laura Frantz is a relatively new author to me—The Colonel’s Lady is the first book I have read by her—but I must say she quickly has become one of my favorites. Laura does a wonderful job of weaving mystery, intrigue, and romance together in this Revolutionary War historical, making it nearly impossible to put down. She draws you in with bits of tragedy and hidden truths before rooting you to your spot with heart-melting scenes that renew your faith in love and compassion. After reading such a sweet, well-written story, I can assure you that I will most definitely be reading more of her books in the future.
        With nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to, Roxanna Rowan puts aside her fears of danger and ventures into the frontier in an attempt to get to her father, who is serving as an officer in a fort in the Kentucke territory. After receiving the devastating news that her father was killed on a campaign, Roxanna has no choice but to remain on the fort until she can find a way back to civilization. She begins to settle in to her life on the fort, and before much time has passed, she finds herself becoming closer and closer to Cassius McLinn—the colonel in charge of the fort. But Cass’s heart remains a mystery, and she cannot help but wonder if she can truly trust a man who holds so many secrets, even though he is also the man who holds her heart. Will Roxanna ever be able to put aside old—and new—hurts and forgive the Colonel? Will she ever find the love she’s been longing for?
        So let me just say, I absolutely love Cass. Yes, I know, he’s Mr. Gruff-and-Tough, and he holds more secrets than any man ever should, but I could not help falling for him. On the inside he is such a sweet, gentle man, and you see that time and again as he cares for Roxanna and Abby (who you’ll meet later). When he lets his guard down and stops trying to hold the weight of the whole fort on his shoulders, Cass becomes the most compassionate, kind, gentle-hearted soul you can imagine. And honestly, I like men who can be a little gruff sometimes. They have to be able to protect you, right (ha ha)? Anyway, Cass quickly became one of my favorite heroes, especially as I watched him struggle with his secrets, the possibility of a spy, the British soldiers (and all the things they threatened which I cannot tell you), and his own humanness (like illness and such, also things I cannot tell you). Add all of that together, throw in some breathtakingly romantic scenes, and you’ve got a story—and a hero—you’re not likely to forget.
        Since this book was so completely chock full of extremely interesting Revolutionary Period facts, intrigue—this was one mystery I couldn’t figure out, until it was obvious of course—and romance, I cannot help but give it all five bookshelves. Laura weaved an unforgettable tale of humility, love, and forgiveness that I am sure I will be reading again. I cannot wait to read more of her novels, because I am sure each one will be a treat, just like this one.
        Happy reading!

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All credit for the italicized synopsis goes to Laura Frantz and Revell Publishing.

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