Wednesday, July 6, 2016


How is it already July? I know, I know, I say that every month, but I’m serious, this summer is flying by! I remember back in May when no one else was out of school yet and it felt like the summer would never end, and now I’m wishing it would just slow down! I know that I’m going to enjoy every second of this last full month before I go back to school, that’s for sure! So here’s what I’m currently up to this July!

Toasting: bagels. Well, I’m actually not really toasting bagels, but I wish I was. I really hate breakfast, with a passion, so it’s fairly difficult for me to find breakfast foods that I like. Bagels are one of those foods. Unfortunately, because I’m gluten-intolerant and therefore only eat foods that are gluten free, it’s really difficult to find bagels that I can eat that aren’t ridiculously expensive. So, if I could, I would definitely be toasting bagels.

Going: to get a haircut. Or maybe not. I’ve been meaning to get a haircut since I got out of school back in April, and I still haven’t gone. And now that my hair has grown out a bit, I don’t really want to get it cut. While it would be nice to get some new layers put in, I’ve always loved having somewhat longer hair than my sister thinks looks best on me, so I know if I went and got it cut I would end up getting it shorter, but if I wait I might not. So we’ll see if I actually end up going to get it cut.

Smelling: sunscreen! I’ve been needing to get a tan this summer, and I absolutely love swimming in my pool, so I’ve been smelling a lot of sunscreen around my house lately. Which is a good thing because it’s summer and that’s what this house is supposed to smell like.

Wearing: my new headbands. I got a pack of headbands to help hold back my hair when I’m working out or at work, and I’m trying to break them in so I’ve been wearing them quite a bit. I really love them, but I haven’t yet decided if they actually look good on me. Time will tell I suppose.

Wishlisting: books, books, and more books! I know, I’ve been getting so many new books lately, but it’s still not enough! So many books I’m dying to read are coming out in the next year, and I want absolutely all of them! So those books, and a Fitbit, are the things I’m currently wishlisting.

That’s what I’m currently up to this July! What about you? What does your July look like?
Happy July!

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  1. I can’t believe it’s July already either (and yeah, I pretty much say that every month too, ha). Switching up breakfast foods must be a challenge if you have to eat gluten-free! It’s hard enough not being gluten-intolerant. I’m an avid reader too so I understand your book excitement. :) Enjoy July!

    1. It is, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do! Yeah, it seems like there's always books to be excited about, doesn't it! You too!

  2. I'm gluten-intolerant too!!! I was actually thinking about posting soon about life with allergies/food intolerances.... Nice to know I have a gf pal! (and I agree, cheap gf foods are so hard to find!)

    1. P.S. Can't wait for your link up!

    2. I was as well; I feel like there are so many people out there who would benefit from posts about the gluten free life! I agree; it's nice to know someone else who has the same allergy!

  3. Sunscreen is such a happy smell - I had to include that on my list too. And I feel you on the book wishlist... it's never ending! Thanks for linking up :)