Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Finished Series I Have Yet to Finish

        This week's topic is series we have yet to finish. Although it was difficult to narrow my list down to ten, I did it. Here they are!

The Unexpected Brides series by Melissa Jagears

        Although I have read the first two books in this series—A Bride for Keeps and A Bride in Store—and loved both of them, I have yet to pick up the third novel. Granted, it did only just come out a few months ago, but I have been dying to read it so it is fairly odd that I haven’t read it yet. Only there is a perfectly good—or bad depending on how you look at it—reason for that, I have been busy with life and the other books I have been reading for this blog. Fortunately, I am planning on reading A Bride at Last next month. Hopefully that will actually be accomplished.

The Gregory Sisters series by Lorna Seilstad

        This is another series that I have almost finished, but not quite. I have read When Love Calls and While Love Stirs, just not As Love Blooms. Since I really enjoyed the first two books of the series, I really should have read As Love Blooms by now. Once again, this blog keeps getting in the way (wink wink)! But I’m planning on reading it next month as well, so hopefully this series will be finished soon.

Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy by Kim Vogel Sawyer

        Despite my fear of sounding redundant, that is also the story with this series. I have finished both When Mercy Rains and When Grace Sings, but I have yet to pick up When Love Returns, though I have been dying to do so. I really, really loved this series, so I know I will finish it eventually, but so far as I know, the library doesn’t even have the third book yet. We’ll see if they do by November.

Texas Dreams series by Amanda Cabot

        I first started this series ages ago, when I got the first book—Paper Roses—for free on my nook, and I loved it. So I rushed to the library and borrowed the second novel—Scattered Petals—and absolutely loved that one as well. Why I have yet to finally read the third book is a mystery to be, but it is a problem that seriously needs to be fixed. If I loved the first two as much as I did, it’s logical to expect that I would enjoy Tomorrow’s Garden as well. Obviously I need to put it a little bit higher on my TBR list.

Wings of the Nightingale series by Sarah Sundin

        Just recently I read the first book in this series—With Every Letter—and I loved it so, so much. I got it for free on my nook and thought I would give it a try, and I absolutely fell for Sarah’s ‘World War’ themed romance novels. But, because I already had everything I was reading for the rest of the month planned out, I didn’t get around to reading the rest of the series, and even know I don’t even have it listed on my TBR blog list. Obviously there is something wrong with that picture.

Secrets of Crittenden County series by Shelley Shepard Gray

        Although I technically have finished this series—I read all three main books—I have yet to actually put this series to rest. You see, there are three books—Missing, The Search, and Found—but there is also a Christmas novel that was written to come after the three of them. I haven’t read the Christmas novel—Peace—yet, even though I absolutely loved this series. Why? Because my library refuses to carry it. And I much prefer having whole the whole series rather than just the last book, so I am reluctant to actually buy it for fear I will end up buying all of them even though I don’t have the funds to do so at the moment. So for now, this series will have to remain unfinished.

Weddings by Bella series by Janice Thompson

        Okay, it is not my fault that I haven’t finished this series yet. I loved, loved, loved these books, but I thought there were only three! I read Fools Rush In, Swinging on a Star, and It Had to Be You a couple of years ago, but until recently I had no idea there was a fourth book! And once again, I cannot find That’s Amore anywhere in my library. I am severely tempted to purchase these as well, but we shall see. Someway, somehow, I will finish this series, though.

A Katie Parker Production series by Jenny B. Jones

       I know, I know, I sound repetitive again, but I really didn’t know that Jenny was going to add a fourth book to this series! I absolutely loved In Between, On the Loose, and The Big Picture, so I know I would enjoy Can’t Let You Go as well. I just didn’t know that book existed until recently! I’ll get to it eventually, though. I wonder if my library has it…

September 11 series by Karen Kingsbury

        Unlike all the others, I do know why I haven’t finished this series. Although I love Karen Kingsbury and typically read anything she has written just because she wrote it, I doubt I will ever finish this series. Don’t worry, it isn’t because they aren’t good books. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed One Tuesday Morning. I just cannot bear to read it again, or read the ones that come after it, because they are just too sad and I don’t enjoy crying that much. Otherwise, this series wouldn’t even be on this list. But my compassionate heart makes it impossible for me to even consider finishing this series.

Southern Discomfort series by Tamara Leigh

        Last but not least is another series that I cannot wait to finish. Then why haven’t I, you ask? Honestly, I’m not exactly sure. Oh yes, I remember, because my TBR list is far too long! I read Leaving Carolina about a year ago when it was lent to me by a friend, and I fell in love with Tamara’s writing but then things came up and I got busy with my blog, and the rest of the series fell by the wayside. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon.

        How about you? What are some series you have yet to finish?
        Happy Tuesday!

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  1. So many great books on this list!! The Unexpected Brides series is my fave of the ones you've listed. I still need to even START The Gregory Sisters... so little time, so many books lol My TTT

    1. Lol that is the story of my life, I'm afraid! Maybe one day our TBR lists will actually be a manageable size!

  2. I just finished reading A Bride at Last, but have yet to read the first two in the series. I hope you enjoy the third book, like I did.

    1. I hope so as well! I know I enjoyed the first two! Thanks for visiting!