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Quarterly Round-Up: April-June

        Today I am posting about all of the books I have read this quarter, from April to June. Since I have read more than twenty, that is quite a list, but I have loved every one of them (click on titles for full reviews).

        I think this was my favorite out of the two in the series (The Gregory Sisters) that I have read so far. It was completely fantastic, and the mystery was a wonderful added touch.

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        Although I enjoyed many parts of this story, the ending had a huge disconnect that I could not ignore, which made it my least favorite in the series. I am still looking forward to reading the third book, however, and still rank this one as a solid four-bookshelf novel.

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        I had been highly anticipating this novel for months, as I am a huge fan of Karen, and this book did not disappoint. I completely devoured it, and still cannot stop thinking about all of the wonderful, angel-filled moments that reminded me just how amazing God is.

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        This second book in Karen’s Angels Walking Series as also highly anticipated, especially after I read the first, and I loved this one even more than its predecessor. I completely fell in love with Marcus, and Mary Catherine, whose story reminded me so much of mine—in certain parts that is. My only fault with this novel is that it left me hanging on the side of a cliff—metaphorically speaking—and I have to wait until November to find out what happens next.

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        This was only the second Susan May Warren book I had read—I found it as a Bargain buy—but I was so glad I bought it, and read it of course. I have loved every single book by Susan to date, and the mystery she weaved into this one made it even more enjoyable.

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        Even though this was the first book I had ever read by Jody, it made me a life-long fan of her writing. This novel effortlessly made its way onto my all-time favorites list, and is one I will always remember. Especially as I read the second and eventually the third—when it finally releases.

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        This book was the first one I read by this author as well. I enjoyed it immensely, especially since I love novels where the couple gets married before they fall in love. Clearly it makes for a wonderful story, and this book was no exception.

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        As the second book in Melissa’s Unexpected Brides series, I already knew what I was getting into when I started this book. It met my expectations and more by topping the novel before it.

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        Once again, a first for me by this author. This was also the first book in her Chapel Springs series, but I cannot say it was my favorite. I enjoyed it, but there were a few stylistic things that bothered me about it, which forced me to give it less bookshelves. It didn’t diminish my love for her characters, however, and that is a good thing.

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        When I started out planning this post, I decided I would pick one novel that I loved above all the others I read this quarter. This book is it. Although I went into this second book in the Chapel Springs series worried that it would bother me like the first, I found no faults within its pages, and now call it one of my favorites of all time. It was impossible to put down, absolutely swoon-worthy, and a novel I know I will read again and again.

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        As the third book in the series, I wasn’t sure if it would have faults like the first or be absolutely wonderful like the second, but it turned out to be a perfectly happy medium, though it leaned more towards the second. It was wonderful and also hard to put down, had no faults in my opinion, but just wasn’t quite as amazing. It is a worthy read, however.

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        This was the final book in Denise’s Chapel Springs series, and was by far my second favorite, barely falling behind Dancing with Fireflies. It didn’t release until three and a half weeks after I finished The Wishing Season, so I had been anticipating it for a while. I pre-ordered it on Amazon, so I received it the day it released, and I started—and finished—it the next day. It only took me about four hours to read it, and I loved every moment. This is another I will read over and over, especially because Ryan and Abby continually had be bouncing between laughter and swoons.

Live Original by Sadie Robertson
        I really enjoyed reading this inspiring teenager's book full of encouraging tips on how to just be you. This was the only non-fiction book I finished this quarter, but it was more than enough. If you're ever looking for a good devotional, this is the book to get.

        Although I fear being redundant, I have to say, this was another first for me. I had never read anything by Vanetta, but I must say I was thoroughly impressed with her Amish/Englisch romance/mystery. It was easy to read, hard to figure out, and definitely memorable.

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        This second book in the Amish Village Mystery series was just as good as the first, although for different reasons. Either way, I enjoyed it and found it one to remember as well. Though I cannot say it was necessarily one of my favorites this quarter, I am eagerly anticipating reading the third.

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        After reading this first book in Susan’s Christiansen Family series, I knew I would be reading a lot more of her novels over the next couple of weeks, because I completely fell in love with the Christiansens. Darek was no exception, although he isn’t my favorite brother. I loved watching him grow as I made my way through the book, and know I will be returning to this series again sometime in the near future.

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        Since Eden constantly reminded me so much of myself, I couldn’t help but love her story. I also never expected how it all would pan out, and was surprised with each chapter. This book was definitely worth the read.

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        I think this was my favorite Christiansen novel so far. Grace and Max’s story resonated with me in a way many books never do, and it really did have the sweetest moments. I know this is a novel I will remember forever.

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        Casper Christiansen is the kind of man many women only dream of. Need I say more? His sweet personality made this novel the perfect read, and the wonderful storyline only made it even better. This is another book I will most definitely be reading again.

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        Once again, this was another first for me. Although I wasn’t sure about it going in, I found this a wonderful read, and added Sarah to my list of authors to keep an eye on. I enjoyed this book far more than I expected, and thought her World War II setting made for the perfect story.  

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        I have read almost all of Jen’s novels, so I already knew going in that this book would be wonderful. She has a way of creating the best historical romances that make me long to be able to write like her. This novel made me even more of a believer in her talents.

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        I have been a fan of Tracie’s writing since I first read one of her novels over three years ago. Unfortunately, this book fell flat for me, and wasn't one I enjoyed. There were just too many things wrong with this one for it to be enjoyable.

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        This was also another first for me. I found it an interesting read, as the facts about colonial times were impeccable and very fun to learn, but I cannot say it was one of my favorites.

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        Those are the books I have read the past three months! I am excited to see if I read more next quarter!
        Happy reading!

The wonderful pictures from this post were taken by my sister Allie. Check out her blog here.

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