Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury

        Growing up in a comfortable home, Mary Catherine wanted for nothing. Though she loves her wealthy parents, their lifestyle never appealed to her. Instead, Mary Catherine pursues meaning through charity work, giving away a part of herself but never giving away her heart.
        Now Mary Catherine lives in Los Angeles with her roommate, Sami, and volunteers at a local youth center with baseball coach Tyler Ames and LA Dodgers pitcher Marcus Dillinger. Despite Mary Catherine’s intention to stay single, she finds herself drawing close to Marcus, and their budding romance offers an exciting life she’s never dreamed of. That is, until she receives devastating news from her doctor. News that alters her future and forces her to make a rash decision.
        Inspirational and moving, Chasing Sunsets is the story of one woman’s deep longings of the soul, and the sacrifices she’s willing to make in search of healing.

        Chasing Sunsets is the second book in Karen Kingsbury’s Angels Walking series, coming after Angels Walking, which I read and reviewed just a month ago (you can find the review by clicking on the title). I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t picked it up yet, but let’s just say you’re not going to be very happy with Karen after you finish this novel. Why? Because she leaves you hanging in the worst way and the third book—A Brush of Wings—doesn’t come out until November. Clearly that’s only six months, but that is a long time to wait since I must know what happens to these characters I have come to love. Today. Seriously though, I guarantee you’re going to love this book.
        Mary Catherine loves adventure. Swimming with dolphins, jumping from planes; if it makes her feel alive, whole, and connected with God, it’s for her. Having no desire to let life pass her by, she lives every day to the fullest, whether she’s out on an adventure or nearby serving others. While she’s never allowed herself to be open to love, she knows if she did, he would have to be real. So when she finds herself getting closer to Marcus—who shows her just how real he is—she can’t help but start to fall for him. Will she be able to keep her heart safe, or is she destined for an adventure unlike any she has ever known?
        Marcus Dillinger’s life has changed in ways he never could have imagined. When he challenged God to give him something to live for so he would know He was real months ago, he didn’t expect all that would happen, or that he would end up opening a youth center in the heart of one of the worst places—the home to two rivaling gangs. As he continues to grow in his newfound faith, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful and unique Mary Catherine. She is unlike any girl he has ever known, in the best of ways. He is sure that he could love her, if she’ll let him. Will he choose to pursue her, or will her rash decision change everything for the both of them?
        Doesn’t that sound like something you want to read? And not only does Chasing Sunsets get five bookshelves and have an ending that leaves you hanging, it is totally unpredictable! It has a never-saw-it-coming, makes-you-ready-for-November kind of finish that will leave you breathless, if you read it like I did. I read from chapter nine to the end—241 pages—in one sitting. That might be a little much for some people, but it was worth it. If you don’t want to read that much at once, try just the last 41 pages. All at once I mean. That’s where most of the unexpected things happen. No matter what, just get this book! If you don’t love it, it’s not my fault, cause it is AMAZING!

        Happy reading!

All credit for the italicized synopsis goes to Karen Kingsbury and her publishers.

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