Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

                I finished Mansfield Park for the first time a couple of days ago, and I have to say, once again Jane Austen didn’t disappoint. Although I knew that, as always, she wouldn’t, having seen the movie previously, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy the story. By the way, I would not necessarily recommend the movie (a 1999 British adaptation) unless you do not have any little eyes watching with you but do have the remote handy so you can do a bit of skipping. There are a few questionable parts (hence the PG-13 rating) but it is overall a pleasant film, if you don’t mind the fact that it speeds through the book fairly quickly and might leave you wondering what’s going on.
                Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed Mansfield Park, and would absolutely read it again. It was a refreshing tale, which for once left you wondering if there would in fact be a ‘happily ever after’. Not very many books are like that, so I was extremely pleased to find one that was, especially since it was set in 19th century England.
                Fanny Price, the second oldest of nine children, gets sent to live with her wealthy aunts and uncle at the age of ten because of her family’s dire economic straits. Though she is a kind, gentle, obedient girl, she is constantly reminded by her extended family of the fact that she is not of the same social standing.
                This book, in keeping with Jane Austen’s usual work, examines an aspect of morality. You just have to read it to find out which one!
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                Happy reading!  

Credits to the photo of the book go to Amazon; I'm not sure where the photo with the quote is from because I found it on Pinterest.

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