Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sophomore Novels I Am Most Looking Forward To

        Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about the top ten debut authors who have me super excited for their sophomore novels! So, I’m gonna dive right into this thing.

1. Kristi Ann Hunter

        Kristi Ann Hunter has written an e-novella as well as her debut novel, but I don’t really think that counts, so I think I can accurately say that I really loved her debut novel—A Noble Masquerade—and that I am so, so excited for her sophomore novel, An Elegant Façade, which is releasing sometime next July. Kristi Ann does such an amazing job of creating extremely captivating historical romances, and I absolutely cannot WAIT to read this one!!!

        So essentially, that is the only debut author I can think of who hasn’t yet published their sophomore novel. But, I do know of a few authors who are working on their sophomore series, or first series, so I’m going to mention those so that I actually come close to having a top ten.

2. Kristy Cambron

        Although The Ringmaster’s Wife (once it’s published of course) will not be Kristy’s second book but actually her third, it will be the beginning of her very first series, and it is close enough to being her sophomore novel, in my opinion. At this point, I have unfortunately not had a chance to read any of her novels, but I am pretty sure they, along with this new series, will be books I will really enjoy. So, this is a sophomore series I am looking forward to.

3. Melissa Jagears

        I know, I know, she’s already published a three book series! But, she hasn’t published a stand-alone or started another series! Until now, that is. A Heart Most Certain, the first book in her upcoming Teaville Moral Society, is a book I am seriously looking forward to, and is the debut novel of her sophomore series. That makes it close enough.

        Although this is a really sad list, this is honestly the closest I can come to having a top ten while staying remotely on topic. For some reason I haven’t really read all that many debut novels recently. Although I could definitely tell you lots about new-to-me authors, that is another top ten for another day, so that will have to wait. So, there’s my top three! I hope you enjoy despite its randomness and short length! What are some sophomore novels you’re looking forward to?
        Happy Tuesday!

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