Saturday, July 25, 2015

For-Fun Family Interview

        A couple of days ago, my sister, Allie—whose blog you can find here—posted an interview she did of our whole family. The idea had me thinking, so I’ve decided I’m going to do one of my own, but with different questions of course. I feel like this is a great way for my lovely readers to get a little glimpse into our lives, and I know interviewing my family is going to be fun. I’ll post my answers to the questions as well, just so you can get to know me a little better, and I’m curious to see how many of our answers will be the same (if they match, they'll be highlighted in purple). Unfortunately, I think that will depend on whether my family chooses to be honest or silly. Let’s get started!

So, I’ll start us off with something easy, what’s your favorite color?

Allie: Yellow and purple                        David: Blue
Ethan: Blue                                             Mandy: Green
Me: Red                                                  Sarah: Pink and blue

Okay, now something a little more difficult. What’s your favorite hobby?

Allie: crafts                                             David: Camping
Ethan: doing models (like cars)             Mandy: Camping
Me: Reading                                           Sarah: Music

Interesting. How about favorite game?

Allie: Clue                                              David: Phase 10
Ethan: Ticket to Ride: Europe                Mandy: Scrabble
Me: Settlers of Catan                              Sarah: Settlers of Catan

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Since it’s difficult to just pick one, what are your top three favorite movies?

Allie: Soul Surfer, Dolphin Tale 2, & Inside Out
David: Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, & National Treasure
Ethan: Lego Movie, Despicable Me 2 & Wreck it Ralph
Mandy: Gone with the Wind, Sleeping Beauty, & Serendipity
Me: Pride and Prejudice, While You Were Sleeping, & the new Cinderella
Sarah: The new Cinderella, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, & You’ve Got Mail

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Now how about top three favorite books?

Allie: Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright, Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken, & all three April Grace books by K. D. McRight
David: I don’t read
Ethan: Gold Medal Murder by Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon, The Duck Dynasty books, & Henry Reed by Keith Robertson
Mandy: The Bible, Little Women, & anything by Lysa TerKeurst
Me: Emma by Jane Austen, Whispers from the Shadows by Roseanna M. White, & Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones
Sarah: The Christmas Hope series by Donna VanLiere, Emma by Jane Austen, & Summer of Joy by Ann H. Gabhart

Find out just what makes these books great herehere, here, and here.

Okay, now let’s do something a little silly. Which is your favorite, round or square cheese?

Allie: Square                                           David: Both
Ethan: Square                                          Mandy: It depends
Me: Square                                              Sarah: Square

Do you like your sandwiches cut into squares or triangles?

Allie: Triangles                                       David: Squares
Ethan: Triangles                                      Mandy: Triangles
Me: Triangles                                          Sarah: Triangles

What’s your favorite animal?

Allie: Monkey                                         David: Dog
Ethan: Lion                                             Mandy: Bird
Me: Turtle                                               Sarah: Koala bear

What’s your favorite sport to watch?

Allie: Football                                         David: Football
Ethan: Baseball                                       Mandy: Figure skating
Me: Football                                           Sarah: Football

If you could change your whole name, including last name, what would you change it to?

Allie: Ava Grace Carter                          
David: I wouldn’t change mine.
Ethan: Timothy Justin Dufries                                     
Mandy: I wouldn’t change mine.
Me: I wouldn’t change my name, except my last name, which I’d change to my husband’s when I get married.
Sarah: Amelia Grace Allen

What’s your favorite song right now?

Allie: Alive by Natalie Grant
David: Brother by NeedtoBreathe
Ethan: Brother by NeedtoBreathe
Mandy: Too many to choose
Me: Anchor by Hillsong UNITED
Sarah: Touch the Sky by Hillsong UNITED

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Who’s better, Mario or Luigi?

Allie: Luigi                                             David: Mario
Ethan: Luigi                                            Mandy: Mario
Me: Luigi                                                Sarah: Luigi

What is/was your favorite school subject?

Allie: English                                          David: Science
Ethan: Math                                            Mandy: English
Me: English                                            Sarah: English

Okay, what’s your favorite holiday?

Allie: Christmas                                     David: Christmas
Ethan: Christmas                                   Mandy: Thanksgiving
Me: Christmas                                       Sarah: Christmas

And last but not least, if you could buy any car in the world, what car would you get and what color would it be?

Allie: A light blue Toyota Camry
David: An old red Corvette convertable
Ethan: A blue Ford F150 King of the Ranch
Mandy: A red Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
Me: A red convertible Corvette

Sarah: A Tiffany blue convertible Mustang

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