Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Bookshelf: The Alaskan Quest series by Tracie Peterson

        Today I am reviewing all three of the books in Tracie Peterson's Alaskan Quest series because my copies are a three-in-one book like the one shown above. So, the descriptions won't be quite as long, but they will still be good, just like the books. Also, do you like the few changes I have made to my blog's appearance? I thought, since I'm trying to re-devote myself to working on it, it could use a face-lift.

        Leah Barringer and her brother, Jacob, have come to love the rugged Alaskan Territory they call home. But when Jacob determines to join an arctic expedition, Leah realizes her heart yearns for more than this solitary existence.
      The unexpected arrival of Jayce Kincaid, the man who spurned her ten years before, awakens feelings that Leah would much prefer to leave buried. As Jayce sets out to prove he’s a changed man, Leah cannot deny the effect he once again has upon her. But the appearance of a young investigator casts a cloud over Jayce’s past…and over Leah’s dreams for the future.

        Summer of the Midnight Sun is the first book in the Alaskan Quest series, and its honestly one of my favorites. But then, I love all three of them. Tracie Peterson does an excellent job of weaving a mystery into this novel that connects to the two following it. You really are left guessing until the very end of the last book, and that is something I love about this series. I also just really love Leah. She makes a great heroine.

        When Pinkerton agent Helaina Beecham's obsession with capturing a dangerous fugitive dulls her judgment, she is kidnapped and carried off into the wilderness just as an early winter is approaching.
      Now her only hope is that Jacob Barringer—the man who has captured her heart—will find her before it is too late.

        Under the Northern Lights is (you guessed it) the second book in the series, and—don’t hate me—another one of my favorites. Helaina—don’t you just LOVE that name—is another great heroine, and I really love her approach to things. She's pretty no-nonesense and practical, except for when it has to do with Jacob, that is. Plus, she handles her kidnapping really well for someone who knows her kidnapper's entire backstory.

        The unforgiving descent of Alaskan winter has Jayce Kincaid and Jacob Barringer struggling for survival after their ship is trapped in the ice floes of the Arctic.
        Back at Last Chance Creek, Leah and Helaina endure the long separation—Leah wondering if her children will ever know their father, and Helaina longing for the chance to express her love to Jacob.
          When unexpected loss invades their world and tragedy looms once again, will they find the strength to trust in God's faithfulness?

      Whispers of Winter is the final book of the series, and my favorite mystery of all. Although it isn't as mysterious as the previous ones, somehow I like the aspects of this one better. And even though it is sad that Jayce and Jacob are struggling for survival, their absence sure does make for a good story.
       So, because I just love Alaska, the characters, and these stories, all three get five bookshelves. It also doesn't hurt that I was able to get all three in one big book that made them considerably cheaper.
       Happy reading!

You can pick up one or all three of these novels here.
All credit for the italicized synopses goes to Tracie Peterson and her publishers. 

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