Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Book-Lovers Day

              Today is the first official Book-Lovers Day! Book-Lovers Day, every Tuesday, is the day where I will share sneak peeks of my upcoming books, short stories I have written, book reviews for some of my recent reads, and everything else that has anything to do with books. Books are one of my passions, so it seems fitting to have a specific day when I share that passion with you.
On this first Book-Lovers Day I thought I would do something special, start it off with a bang so to speak. So, I am debuting for the first time ever the book description for my new novel Without You, which will hopefully be out sometime in the spring! I hope you enjoy!

Without You
By: Mackenzie Carol

“…I don’t know what I would do without you.” I said affectionately.
“Me either.” Chandler responded.

            I, Miranda Baker, was fairly content when I spoke those words, not for the first time, to my boyfriend Chandler Anderson that early fall day. I was a senior in college, I had been with Chandler for over four years, and he and I were starting to plan out our future together. I thought life could not get any better, and that I could handle anything. Little did I know, however, that I was about to encounter the hardest trial I could ever imagine.

            Faced with the challenge of my life, I left the familiar for the unknown, trying to accomplish that which may have been impossible. With each passing day, I confronted my fears head-on, just trying to avoid the one horror I could not stop thinking about. The fact that there was a chance I would have to move forward with the rest of my life, without him.

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