Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Tuesday: Pride and Prejudice

                So, I’ve decided that every Tuesday, I’m going to do a blog post on something that’s my favorite, or that I like a whole lot. Today, that means, Pride and Prejudice. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie of all time in the history of ever. It’s the perfect classic romance, full of everything I love: pretty piano music, anything that has to do with books, history, gorgeous dresses, dances, and romance. Who doesn’t love a movie full of all of that?
                I also just love Jane Austen, I’ve read most of her books. I wish I could say all, but I can’t quite yet. I’m working on it. Anyway, aside from Pride and Prejudice, I think my other favorite so far is Emma. I have to say, Emma is definitely one of my top favorite books of all time (along with Fifteen Minutes). That may be an extremely long list, but the list of books I’ve read in my lifetime is probably three times longer.
                To get back on topic, I prefer the 2005 version over the 1940 one. Keira Knightly makes an absolutely perfect Elizabeth, and I just love Matthew Macfayden as Mr. Darcy. It’s just a really good adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, and I love the fact that it is mostly the same as the book. There’s not many things I can’t stand more than when people make movies based on books that are actually not all that much like the books they say they’re based on.
                I hope this post hasn’t been completely boring; I just post about what I know, and there’s nothing I know more than what I like. I wish I could write a ton of funny, witty posts about things that will blow your mind, but for some reason, I just wasn’t gifted in such a way. Hopefully though, you’ll find something I write slightly interesting.

                (Keep commenting!! I love feedback, and would love to know what you think! What would you like to hear from me? Got any favorites you think I should check out? Questions about the books I’m trying to write? I’m always listening! Or reading.)

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